• Snorky Tries To Slow Down A Clock
  • This Is The Letter M
  • M is for Music
  • Count to the Number 8
  • Rhino Song
  • Story Lady "Trevor's First Day At School"
  • Ernie sings about the letter M
  • Letter B
  • Count to the Number 9
  • Magic Megan "Secret Messages"
  • Letter W
  • Wonderful World of Water 2
  • Letter W Part 2
  • Whistle Song
  • Snorky Tries To Invent A Game
  • Whale Segment
  • My Clean Floor
  • Goat Song


  • Despite being on the back cover of the first release, Piggle does not appear.
  • This is Ernie's first appearance in the show, later appearing in Musical Letters (as a cameo only) & Discover Feelings.
  • There are 2 versions of this episode. The first (Mark V) has Magic Megan on the cover & the second (Tele Vidics) has a drawing of a car on it.
Peppermint Park Volume 3- Music Land (FULL)27:16

Peppermint Park Volume 3- Music Land (FULL)

The Full Episode

Peppermint Park Volume 3 is HERE01:11

Peppermint Park Volume 3 is HERE

This Video Shows The 2nd Cover Of The Episode

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