• Snorkle & The Light
  • This Is The Letter G
  • Giraffe Song
  • Count To The Number 10
  • Snorky Announces the Next Song
  • Letter "T" Song
  • Piggle and Sparky Explains Stop Drop and Roll
  • Letter T Animation
  • A Song about a Penguin
  • The Story Lady Episode 2?
  • How Trumpets Are Made
  • Edible Clay
  • Count To The Number 7
  • Green Song
  • Big and Little
  • Magic Megan Shows how to Walk Through Paper
  • A Song about Tying Shoes


  • This is Piggle's last appearance in the show. However, he may be in volumes 6 & 7.
  • This is Ernie's 2nd appearance in the show. He looks revamped compared to last time. He might be in volume 6 due to his puppet being used in the yellow song previewed at the end of volume 5.
  • The first video that was uploaded of this volume was of "The Letter T Song" by romanticbro in 2012. More videos of the volume were uploaded in 2017.
Peppermint Park Volume 4 Musical Letters (FULL)27:36

Peppermint Park Volume 4 Musical Letters (FULL)

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