• Piggle Reads Mary Had A Little Lamb
  • This is the Letter "C"
  • A Lady Plays the Cello
  • A Song About an Elephant
  • Billy goes to the Dentist
  • Count to the Number 7
  • Maynard Sings
  • Cat Puzzle
  • Magic Megan Shows how to Make a Piece of Paper Stand Up
  • M is for Music
  • One of these Things is not Like the Other: The Letter "C"
  • Little Bit and Trevor Show how to Make Clay
  • A Song about a Monkey
  • Story Lady: Bumper the Frog
  • Count to the Number 10
  • A Song About a Camel
  • Stump the Star
  • Wonderful World of Water


  • This is the first episode where Piggle's voice is high pitched.
  • Despite Nurcle appearing on the cover, he does not appear in the episode itself.
  • This is Trevor's 2nd appearance on the show, after appearing on the cover of Magic Moments & Probability Appeared In Music Land & Discover Feelings.
Peppermint Park Volume 2 The Story Lady (FULL)27:50

Peppermint Park Volume 2 The Story Lady (FULL)

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