On 3/1/2018, a user on the PP Discord Dextheduck, said he had volume 6. As the conversation went on, it was revealed that he sold it to someone else. It's no biggie, but here's the plot twist. IcyRoserade then had suspicions about this guy lying, and Dextheduck went crazy and all. After he was banned from the Discord server, he talked crap about IcyRoserade on Twitter, which is NOT okay. This will be the first and last time I'm going to mention this incident. If he has an account on this wiki, Dextheduck will be perm banned to avoid bringing up past drama. In conclusion, I support IcyRoserade, and Dextheduck is some person trying to mess with this community. If he sees this and makes a vandal attack towards this wiki, don't freak out as there's always an option to restore pages back to normal, and I can perm ban the vandals.